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  • Jim King (Friday, June 08 12 07:50 am BST)

    Hi, I got this address from Joseph Maher at John's funeral, our dear friend.
    Anyway, I am going to tell you a few things about John that I remember from School or after. I was eating an apple last week and I was just getting down to the core and it reminded me of John. He
    used to buy a bag of apples and he would eat the lot -CORE, SEEDs and all. Waste not want not.

    I also remember coming back from a Pipe Band competition, we were both playing for Seagrams 100 Pipers Whisky. We arrived back in Greenock, a little worse for the drink, and we were both pink
    (skint) and very hungry. So John came up with a brilliant idea how to get food withoutt any money. We went along to the only place in Greenock at the time which was open late, the Bangalore Indian,
    this was around 1977. John spoke to the proprieter and John then struck up his pipes and I followed john playing my drum round all the tables, result, a free bag of chips each.

    We were camping at the shore of Loch Ness, Fort Augustus, three or four of us, and John had his pipes with him. It was late and john struck up his pipes. Next thing you know a farmer came walking
    down in a great haste - we thought this guy is goiing to chase us - however - he said ' keep playing the pipes son it's keeping the willd deer away from my crops - John the scarecrow piper.

    These stories are bring joy and tears to my eyes - so I will stop for now and maybe a few more will be posted.

    From his dear friend Jim

  • Neal Bard (Thursday, April 05 12 11:28 pm BST)

    I did not know John but I do know his son, Michael. It is very obvious that John brought up his son to work hard, enjoy life's pleasures and be respectful. I know that John will be missed very much
    by family and friends.

  • Daniella, Catherine and Kevin Goodwin (Tuesday, April 03 12 07:46 am BST)

    John was a very witty funny man who will be truly missed. our condolenes go out to Theresa, Mike, Joe, Collette and family.

  • Donna Alphonse (Thursday, March 22 12 11:53 am GMT)

    Dear Therese & Family,
    I only heard of John's passing last Saturday the 17th March and I was shocked and very saddened to hear about what had happened.
    The website that you have created is a fitting tribute to who was clearly a well loved man, who will be sorely missed by so many.
    Whilst I only met John on a few occasions at HP I was always struck by how polite and pleasant he was not to mention so 'well turned out'.
    Seeing you and John together it was evident just how close you were and your loss is palpable.
    Reading through the messages in the guestbook it is clear to see what a lasting legacy John has left and it made me think that if we all
    strived to be the person that he clearly was then this world would be a much kinder place to be.
    May God continue to provide comfort to you and family in the coming, days, weeks, months and years.
    God Bless
    Donna Alphonse

  • Stephen Clark (Wednesday, March 21 12 10:49 pm GMT)

    I've been coming to this page on and off now for what seems like too long, clicking in to the comment box and thinking to myself "how can I convey what losing Uncle John far too early means to me?".
    And each time I stare at the little cursor blinking, ready to type and just can't! So I close the window and think to myself I'll get it next time and it'll be easier, but sadly up to now it

    It truly is hard to put across to anyone who had never met Uncle John just how far the genuine kindness and love for his family stretched. Despite the distance between us all up in Scotland and John
    and the family down south (and in later years stretching to Canada) regular contact was always kept in one form or another be in cards, phone calls, texts, skype or visiting in person.

    He was a man who would do anything for family, some could argue he would do too much for his family but I know Uncle John would never have had it any other way (booking out a back room in a local
    Greenock restaurant to plan his parents - my grandparent's - surprise 40th wedding anniversary shindig with his sibblings being a perfect example) and would always go above and beyond to make sure
    those closest to him were looked after.

    And I think I've realised that is what I'll miss most now he is no longer with us; that drive and determination to help in any way possible when family were involved, and I can only hope this has
    been passed down because if I can manage to even remotely come close to being able to show commitment to my family in the way Uncle John did then I'll be doing not too bad!

    (I think it's important to note here that if I had ever said this to Uncle John's face he'd probably smile, say something along the lines of "well yeah, but you'll never actually come close" and then
    give one of those wry smiles of his where you instantly knew he was pulling your leg!)

    It is a lasting testament to Uncle John and his love for family just how many of his family were present to say goodbye and I know he would have absolutely loved it! And whoever I spoke to it was all
    the same "well John would have been there if it was me so there was no way I wouldn't be here for him".

    That is the man I will always remember!

    To Auntie Therese, Collette, Joe and Mike; a great man is now gone, but he will never be forgotten.

  • Graham Harvey (Thursday, March 08 12 06:52 pm GMT)

    I was so glad I could attend John's funeral today and have a few words with Therese and her sons. What a send-off; a heaving church and great eulogy. We'll all miss you John. My best wishes to the
    Maher family at this sad time.

  • amanda dogan (Thursday, March 08 12 02:54 pm GMT)

    Thinking of you and all the family today Therese .. cant begin to imagine what you are feeling right now but know we are all thinking of you and send all our love .. there is a big bright star up in
    the sky tonight and John will be looking down on you all x x love and hugs to you from the family in Lowestoft x x x

  • Pam Dury (Thursday, March 08 12 08:22 am GMT)

    My love and thoughts are with you and your family Therese, especially today. I never met John but he sounds like a wonderful man, fantastic husband and great father. Wishing you comfort and strength
    with your family and friends.

  • Mike Hayes (Wednesday, March 07 12 09:39 pm GMT)

    Like so many below, I feel a great loss that John was taken from us. He was a wonderful man who had a positive influence on everyone he met. He was a true friend, generous, caring and with a wicked
    sense of humour. His sudden departure has reminded me of the many great times we had together, whether it was running meetings together with clients, running a half-marathon, or simply chatting about
    life over a beer or two. He was always an inspiration to me. I will miss him but I know that his memory will live on within all of us. As Steve put it: "What would John do?", is one of those
    questions that comes to mind when faced with a challenge; often the answer starts with the creation of a spreadsheet! John, you will always be in our hearts.

  • Katy Harrison (Wednesday, March 07 12 09:11 pm GMT)

    I was privileged to have worked with John on the Darwin Programme at Sky. John was the longest standing project manager on Darwin, this was down to his professionalism, enthusiasm and sheer
    determination with the roll out of Pace.

    John was an absolute pleasure to work with, his kindness, wit, generosity and meticulous ways always amazed me. He really was a true gentleman! John took me under his wing when I worked on Pace and
    made the time to explain everything. We had a giggle and I used to take the micky out of his gadgets... embossed pen, latest phone, and me with my bic pen!

    John will be truly missed by all that knew him. He was highly respected by all his colleagues at sky. My sincere condolences go out to Therese and all the family.

  • Kerrine Alexander (Wednesday, March 07 12 09:01 pm GMT)

    It would take hundreds of words to sum up the full meaning of what John meant to us all but my main words are - admirable, caring, dedicated, funny, generous, honourable and a truly genuinely
    unselfish man who may have been a "wee" spec in this universe but a huge influence in all our lives. John maybe out of sight but he will never be out of mind and will always be there in the
    background reminding me the importance of planning and mapping everything out to the finest detail much to the annoyance of those around us who have never had the privilege of knowing or working with
    John. Thank you " The Mahers" for letting me into your family - we are both here for you all. Love Kerrine & Andy x

  • Steve Turner (Wednesday, March 07 12 05:59 pm GMT)

    Dear Therese and family. I was very sad to hear the news. John was the best project manager I ever worked for and has inspired me ever since those days on the BT and Telewest projects at HP. Even
    now, when faced with a problem, I ask myself how John would have tackled it. My thoughts will be with you on Thursday.

  • Elaine Rumble (Wednesday, March 07 12 02:44 pm GMT)

    I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear about John's untimely death. My sincere condolences go to Therese and the family. When I first joined HP, I had the pleasure of working on the COLT project
    with John which he headed up. He was fun to work with, a great mentor and a gentleman who always had a smile to share. He made my induction into the company a painless transition and I will always be
    grateful for the help and advice he provided. John was a lovely man and will be very much missed by all.

  • david brebner (Wednesday, March 07 12 12:05 pm GMT)

    So very sad to learn of the John's tragic death. We worked together for several years at HP and I greatly appreciated his company and professionalism. My thoughts are with you and your family - so
    very sorry.

  • Matteo Coscia (Wednesday, March 07 12 11:11 am GMT)

    John has been to me a friend and a terrific colleague. He was a honest, funny, hard working, loyal and witty person, always ready to go the extra mile to help those in need.

    When difficult choices will face me in the future asking 'what would have John done in this cirmustance' will help me making the right decision, and honour his memory at the same time.

    He showed me how to be successful in personal and professional life by being truthful, helpful, honest and fair, always cheerful even under stress.

    Thanks for being such a great person.


  • Glyn Thomas (Wednesday, March 07 12 10:23 am GMT)

    John was always a good friend to all our family and will always be remembered with a smile. It will be a big loss without him but that is because he was so good to know.
    Glyn and Kate

  • Simon Collard (Wednesday, March 07 12 09:03 am GMT)

    I am sure God will take care of one of the last genuine gentlemen - John. Naturally I wish to extend my deepest condolences to John's family since this tragic incident. I had the honour and the
    pleasure to know John for circa 20 years and I was deeply saddened to hear about him being taken away from us. I had the greatest respect for John and will miss his generous nature, sharing his dry
    sense of humour and his unique brand of gentlemanly conduct.
    I know there isn't much I can say or do to ease the pain the family feel right now, but my heart is with John’s family. He was such a talented person and a remarkable man and I know that our many
    happy memories of him with live on with all of us who knew him along with his family.

  • Julie Wilson (Tuesday, March 06 12 07:57 am GMT)

    RIP John. Gone too soon but never forgotten. My sincere condolences to all your family and friends, It was a pleasure to have known you even if only for a short period.

  • Alan Barber (Monday, March 05 12 01:29 pm GMT)

    Dear Therese and Family, I still can't believe it my thoughts are with you. John was a fantastic guy. A true professional at all times and fun to work with. He was the best Project and Operations guy
    I have had the pleasure to work with. I still look back at my time at HP with John and yourself as the good old days. They were great times. I'd like to think that John is already optimising St
    Peter's operation and doing it in that gentlemanly style. Love to you and the family Therese.

  • David Gillbanks (Monday, March 05 12 07:49 am GMT)

    Therese and Family,

    I was privileged to have known and worked with John over the last year. He was a professional and a gentleman, and a friend, and hugely supportive to those around him. He will be greatly

    Deepest sympathy.


  • Michael Sewell (Saturday, March 03 12 09:55 pm GMT)

    It was always cheering to spend time with John, his unnerving wit caught everyone out at one time or other, and his tirelessness and deep-rooted professionalism in his time working with us at Sky was
    highly valued. When he left Sky I immediately missed our frequent journeys home together - I am very glad indeed to have known him.
    My very deepest regret at the loss to his family and friends.

  • Vicky Allen (Friday, March 02 12 08:42 am GMT)

    Rest in peace John. Remembered very fondly from the good old days at HP. John was always smiling and such a kind and lovely man. Deepest sympathy to you all.

  • Hannah Bougen (Friday, March 02 12 06:30 am GMT)

    I am still shocked for hearing. I knew John for just over a year but he has had such a profound impact on my life both professionally and personally. John was a kind and thoughtful man that strived
    for excellence on every level and loved to share what he knew with those around him. His quick wit and smile would brighten any room as well as often his attire. My heart and thoughts are with his
    family especially. John was an inspiration, a true gentleman and an exceptional friend. John you will be missed so much and by so many. Xx

  • Gill Manning (Thursday, March 01 12 04:17 pm GMT)

    Dear Therese and Family, John was an absolute pleasure to know and work with at HP. He was one of those rare project managers who just got on with whatever needed doing - no fuss, no drama, no
    politics but always in a very smart suit. He was a man you could absolutely trust, I would even book orders if John said it was OK!
    My thoughts are with you. Remember all the wonderful times and they will help you through. God bless

  • Alan Songhurst (Thursday, March 01 12 03:40 pm GMT)

    May I offer my deepest condolences of this tragic news.

  • Rob Herings (Thursday, March 01 12 10:45 am GMT)

    Therese, family and friends
    My thoughts are with you frequently. May you find strength with each other in these difficult times.

  • Shaun Smith (Wednesday, February 29 12 09:38 pm GMT)

    Thanks for your friendship and contributions for our combined causes John. You will always be one in million and heaven's gain is all of our loss - for now. You were rightly proud of your family as
    they are proud of you. It was privilege meeting you. Rest in Peace (Spelt correctly this time :-). Cheers Fella

  • Kobus Bensch (Wednesday, February 29 12 03:03 pm GMT)

    I did not know John, but do recognise him from days at TVAM. Thinking of you more than you know. Would have loved to have met him.


  • Paul Allen (Wednesday, February 29 12 01:38 pm GMT)

    All our thoughts and prayers are with Margaret, Frank and all the family at this very difficult time.

  • Steve Vaughan (Wednesday, February 29 12 12:23 pm GMT)

    I did not know John well, but met him through motorbikes and TVAM. Sadly missed. Steve.

  • Adrian Needham (Wednesday, February 29 12 12:22 pm GMT)

    I don't believe I met John but I do recognise him from the photographs which so aptly present the man that others describe. Not knowing does not mean not caring - please accept my condolences - you
    are all in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.

  • Andy Hunter (Wednesday, February 29 12 10:54 am GMT)

    I didn't know John, but am a friend of John James and a fellow motorcyclist
    Just to say - THINKING OF YOU ALL - rememebr even in the darkest hour Time is a good healer, rememebr the good times

  • Martin Poole (Wednesday, February 29 12 09:08 am GMT)

    John was without any doubt one of the nicest and most genuine people I have been fortunate enough to meet. Working with John over the past 18 months has been a very enjoyable experience and will be a
    huge loss to all those who knew him both professionally and personally. Like all those who have known him there will certainly be a void in their lives. Rest in peace John. Martin

  • Shan (Tuesday, February 28 12 11:56 pm GMT)

    Therese and your wonderful family. I cannot express my sadness tonight on hearing this news. You are in my thoughts as every minute ticks by. I will be with you on the 8th. Joseph thankyou for
    calling me. The world was a better place for John. He will not be forgotten for any who knew him. Love to you and all of the Maher family. Shan

  • Alex Latter (Tuesday, February 28 12 09:51 pm GMT)

    I met John in Jan 2004 whilst working @ HP, I knew within weeks I was working with a diamond geyser. This was confirmed for me, when I awoke in the spare bedroom at John and Therese’s with a stinking
    hangover following after work drinks. John appeared at the door wishing me good morning with coffee, a crisply ironed shirt and a wry knowing smile. I met Therese that morning in their kitchen
    wondering how on earth I’d ended up where I was. From that point forward we became very good friends, he and Theresa were present at my wedding and daughters christening, John and I met for dinner on
    regular occasions, he was a true friend and confidant, a man of immense warmth, intelligence and strength of character, these abundance of qualities in a single individual are rarely found. I’m still
    struggling to comprehend the loss of a man who brought joy and wisdom to so many, if life was a canvas then his has been painted in beautiful colours, displaying immense depth, imagination, warmth,
    kindness, generosity and humour. My life has certainly been coloured and enriched by John, the life canvas he was painting was by no means complete, which makes his passing painfully tragic. My wife
    Ruth, daughter Lottie and I feel incredibly privileged to have spent time with John the day before he was lost, we all had a wonderful time and laughed lots, his memory will live long and his smile
    will shine broadly within our hearts for ever more. May the finest of gentlemen rest in peace, you will be dearly missed. Thanks Mate, Alex

  • Gary Hemmings (Tuesday, February 28 12 09:12 pm GMT)

    I was shocked and saddened by the news that John had died. I've worked for and known John for over 10 years. Such a true Gent, who always had time for people. You will be sadly missed. but always
    remembered. My deepest sympathies to Theresa and the family

  • Briony Brooks (Gemmell) (Tuesday, February 28 12 08:16 pm GMT)

    You meet a lot of people as you go through life, but not many that inspire you. I met John (and Therese) through HP and John was one of those people who not only took the time to support and guide me
    through the wonders of business at HP but was actually worth listening to ... much of my principles today were shaped by John, a man I admired and respected. My thoughts are with you and your family
    Therese xx

  • May Burns (Tuesday, February 28 12 06:49 pm GMT)

    R.I.P John.What a guy.Was always cracking jokes.Chas was lucky to have a friend in you.Terese we really had a great weekend with you both.Will be down to say farewell to John.

  • Gerry Cole (Tuesday, February 28 12 05:47 pm GMT)

    Therese - I was shocked and saddened by the news that John had died and whist I only know John through work he was always someone who looked to do the right thing in an environment that had great
    pressures to push boundaries - a true gent. My thoughts are with you Therese and your family I only hope you can draw some comfort from the great affection he was held in by his friends, family and
    work colleagues.

  • stephanie mckinnon (Tuesday, February 28 12 05:13 pm GMT)

    I was so sorry to hear of John,s death, I went to school with John and was brought up in the same area.
    My thoughts are with Therese and the family. Stephanie Mckinnon, nee Gorman.

  • Vivienne Ennis (Tuesday, February 28 12 04:09 pm GMT)

    just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to all Johns family at this sad time . John was a true gentleman , who always took time to talk to everyone.You must all be very proud of him .It was an
    honour to have known him . RIP John

  • John James (Tuesday, February 28 12 03:41 pm GMT)

    As an associate member of TVAM our time together was all too brief - but it was enough to learn just what a kind and generous man John was. Therese - we met only briefly when John collected his shiny
    red VFR from my house back in the spring of 2011. My sympathies are with you and the rest of the family at this very sad time.

  • Mark Gimson (Tuesday, February 28 12 03:03 pm GMT)

    A good friend, remembered with a smile and a laugh

  • Jacqui Dodd (Tuesday, February 28 12 01:59 pm GMT)

    I was truly shocked and saddened to hear of John's tragic death. He really was a lovely man whom I only had the pleasure of working with for a few months. However, it does not take long to realise
    what a kind, considerate, genuine man John was. This is a beautiful website dedicated to someone who was obviously very loved, and loved in return. My thoughts are with his family who will I hope
    find strength in each other and in their happy memories of John, of which this website proves there are many. God bless John xxx

  • Kees Visser (Tuesday, February 28 12 10:58 am GMT)

    Therese, Family and friends,

    I hope that you all can overcome this loss over time and wish you all strenght which is needed. My thoughts are with you Therese.

  • Caroline Phinn (Tuesday, February 28 12 10:26 am GMT)

    Thinking of Margaret, Frank and all of their family at this very sad time.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Adnan Kureshy (Tuesday, February 28 12 09:21 am GMT)

    My sincere condolences to the Maher family. It is hard to believe that John is no longer with us. I worked closely with John for many years at HP and got to know him well. I will always remember him
    as a person you could depend on an trust fully. A thorough professional and a gentlemen I will miss him.

  • Andrew Clark (Tuesday, February 28 12 03:54 am GMT)

    Still can't believe that uncle John has been taken from us. So many memories of great times, laughs and conversations will forever be treasured. It was always something to look forward to when John
    and the family came 'home' to visit, and he always made a fuss when any of us ventured south, ensuring we were well looked after. When myself and Amy took a weekend trip to London, he took the time
    to meet us for dinner and drinks, taking us to his favourite restaurant and making sure that we had a great night.
    Before I came to America he was constantly on the phone, making sure that I had arranged everything to the highest levels of organsation that, as we know, he conducted everything with, taking his own
    time to make sure I had covered every necessity and possibility. That was uncle John; using his knowledge, ability and time to help others when they needed it. His friendliness, kindness and love
    will always be remembered, and these traits have been passed by aunt Therese and himself to Collette, Joe and Mike. My thoughts are with the entire family during this time.

    Rest in peace, uncle John.

  • Adrian Steel (Monday, February 27 12 08:59 pm GMT)

    My deepest sympathies to all of Johns family. I got to know John at Sky and he worked hard to keep an overly busy group of us connected when we moved away. I really enjoyed our meals together every 6
    weeks or so, and I'm gutted that we never got to go out on that ride that we continuously promised we would go for. A top bloke who'll be missed by a lot of people.

  • Lauria Olabode (Monday, February 27 12 07:07 pm GMT)

    Still can't believe he's gone. I am honoured to have known and worked with John during his time at HP and have many happy memories of him. Such a wonderful person, such a sad and tragic loss,
    definitely gone too soon! May your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace John

    Dearest Therese, my deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you and the rest of the family. Love always